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A human-centered approach to work and space.

We design the entire work experience–from physical space to remote work.

Some consultants come with pre-packaged solutions and one-size-fits-all programs. Steele Strategies takes another approach. We become part of your team and create work solutions with you, drawing out solutions from your organization that are unique to its needs. Then, we implement them with you as co-creators.

We are strategists, architects, and experts in culture who specialize in:

  • • Workplace Strategy
  • • Facilities Portfolio Management
  • Office Space Planning & Design
  • Change Management
  • • DEIB Training

Case Studies

A New Home for Broadcasting
It started with designing a headquarters. It became permanent re-design of how they approach change.
Law Enforcement Agency
Comprehensive improvements in the approach to work that saved money and increased productivity.
Medical Technology Association
Rethinking culture and workplace experience to facilitate innovation, flexibility, and collaboration.
Homeland Security Client
Maintaining professionalism and culture in a constantly changing environment requiring onsite and remote.


Let’s create something together.