Professional Association

Creating lasting change. And a modern HQ.


A national association of broadcasting professionals wanted a new, modern headquarters that honored their industry’s history. As a premier trade association, the building had to welcome visitors, attract talent, and showcase the future of broadcasting. They also needed a workspace that encouraged interaction among departments and a change management program to prepare employees for relocation.


Our team worked with the organization to create the 1Move Forward change agent committee with 30 reps from all departments and levels. We met monthly to strategize employee engagement, strategic communications, and design decisions. The committee continues to serve as liaison to engage peers, answer questions, and excite employees about the future of the association.

Initiatives have included giving staff hardhat tours of the space during construction, workstation mockup test-fits, feedback surveys, townhall meetings, and clean up campaigns. An electronic newsletter and intranet site with photos and FAQs also keep staff informed of the progress.


The change management program generated excitement and was an essential resource for employees and leadership in communicating the promise of a new future for the association. The new office is a welcoming space for staff and visitors that increases collaboration between departments, reduced silos, and fosters coordination among employees.

Creating a space for interaction

A new, modern headquarters

Honoring the past in a modern workspace

Adding collaboration, breaking down silos

More mobile, productive workforce

Transform your space, and your culture.

Keep this project to share.

Transform your space, and your culture.

Keep this project to share.