Medical Technology Association

Finding flexibility and collaboration through hybrid work.


When COVID-19 struck, our medical tech client was like a lot of organizations—dealing with remote work for the first time. As the world’s largest association for medical tech service providers, they wondered: was it possible to increase flexibility and productivity through remote working, while also supporting their members?

With leases set to expire during the pandemic, our client had a rare opportunity to rethink their culture and workplace experience while co-locating two offices into one central headquarters. This flagship location would establish them as a trailblazer of innovation and provide a workplace that encouraged flexibility and collaboration among employees. But they knew it would take more than a building to create lasting change, it would take a workplace strategy and change management program to align their workplace transformation with their mission and vision.


Steele Strategies is working with this large medical association to create an inclusive workplace strategy and change management program that includes representatives from all departments and levels. In conjunction with our architecture teaming partner, we are developing a space design that reflects their remote-work strategy. By meeting with the executive operations team weekly, we promote employee engagement and communication while the transition team we established prepares them for the transition to a flexible hybrid workplace.


The workplace strategy and change management program has helped our client plan for the return to the office post-pandemic. 81% of their employees indicated they would like to maintain 3-5 days per week of telework as part of their long-term strategy and Steele Strategies’ advisement will help them achieve that.

From traditional on-site to a flexible hybrid

We rethought culture and the workplace experience

Employees prefer 3-5 days of telework

Workplace Strategy + Change Management Program = Lasting Change

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Keep this project to share.