Homeland Security Client

Reducing physical footprint in a space for high-level negotiations.


The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) needed a workspace for formal international negotiations with a strong sense of mission and professionalism. A place that fostered a culture of everyone working toward a common goal. One with a renewed dedication to remote work. And most challenging of all, one that allowed employees needed to work onsite through the entire transformation.


Steele Strategies implemented a change management program to help DHS support a new, remote environment. In conjunction with the architectural team, we conducted assessments, concept discussions, and scenario evaluations to identify priorities, culture needs, and the best ways to use their space. The entire organization was involved through focus groups and design reviews.

We hosted design charettes, and developed and delivered training, a robust intranet site, and workplace standards for operating in the new office environment. We also developed a phasing plan with the contractor, building manager, and the General Services Administration to ensure that DHS could operate in full force during construction.


This project will reduce DHS workspace by 45%, resulting in a cost savings of $450k in annual rent. 

By transitioning to remote while keeping culture in place, DHS will be able to now prioritize mobility and agile work practices while using the physical office for formal meetings and team functions.

New teaming spaces and private workspaces will cut the cost of traditional offices and cubicles by one-third, in addition to $290k savings in furniture and equipment costs. Employees will will use shared space effectively through simple reservation systems and better workplace standards.




Rent Cost
Savings per Year


Less Cost than
Traditional Offices


Saved in Furniture
and Equipment

More mobile, productive workforce

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