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Unlock the Innovation Hiding in Your Company

Your organization is full of knowledge, but all those innovative ideas don’t always make it on the page—let alone into fully fleshed-out solutions. So turn the ideas hiding in your company into innovations with design sprints.

The STEELE Approach to Design Sprints

Provide a structured, safe format for dialogue about challenging topics

Minimize bias by sourcing ideas from many individuals

Empower & engage employees for sustained change

Reduce pressure on leaders to come up with solutions for everything

Design sprints facilitated by Steele Strategies combine the brain power of your team to unlock solutions to your most pressing problems. Far from being just for designers, these facilitated group work sessions engage staff from across your organization and tap into the knowledge of your workforce.

Our expert facilitators create an environment finely tuned for brainstorming. The time-constrained format encourages productive sessions of idea generation.

After a design sprint is completed, leadership is given a collection of innovative solutions drawn from the entire organization. Want to take your new insights and ideas further? Our innovative workplace culture experts can translate the solutions found in design sprints into actionable plans.

Got a problem and not sure where to start? A design sprint might be the answer you’re looking for.

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