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Understand Your Culture – Then Enhance It 

Workplace culture issues are normal. But letting them fester can impact staff morale, productivity, and ultimately your bottom line. Left unchecked, a small issue can turn into a frenzy of negative publicity.

Common Workplace Culture Issues

Poor communication

Unrealistic workloads

Negative messaging and gossip

Lack of trust


If you’ve started to notice culture issues in your organization, the time to course-correct is now. This is especially true if you can’t pinpoint the exact issue. A culture assessment with Steele Strategies can identify your organization’s challenges and tailor solutions to address them.

Our culture assessments are unique to each organization. We review existing data and policies, interview key leaders and personnel, and facilitate sessions with staff to understand root issues preventing your culture from flourishing. Our team will analyze findings, ask clarifying questions, challenge judgments, and listen for common themes.

Improving your culture can attract top talent, improve retention, and prevent quiet quitting. Critically, it can also move diversity, equity, and inclusion in a positive direction.

You’ll receive an assessment report with actionable, targeted recommendations to build upon the cultural strengths of your organization, curb harmful aspects, and serve as a foundation for cultural growth for years to come.

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