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Standards to Design Every Space

Are you struggling to manage several buildings? Are their different space needs and compliance requirements making things worse? Then it’s time to consider design standards.

Our Approach to Design Standards:

Analyze existing policies, standards, code & space assessments

Create a building standard template based on industry knowledge

Gather requirements & tech specs for unique spaces

Weigh technologies, security & operations against other priorities like wellness, sustainability, efficiency, flexibility, longevity & aesthetic

Create curated requirements/solutions & develop graphics, matrices & specs

Communicate standards to stakeholders

Develop replicable processes to ensure quality control

Steele Strategies works closely with clients to develop design standards that maximize the functionality of their space.

To begin, our experts will analyze existing policies, standards, code requirements, and space assessments. Then we’ll build a template for building standards and gather appropriate requirements and technical specifications.

Our team will evaluate technologies like security systems and operations against your organization’s priorities. And our human-centered approach will consider how to support every individual using your facilities.

Standardization across a portfolio of spaces has a host of benefits: like cost and quality control, ensuring spaces are designed the way you need them, and establishing equity throughout your organization.

We’ve created, published, and managed compliance and updating procedures of hundreds of buildings across the globe. See what we can do together.

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