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Plan Your Space, Optimize Your Future

Are you rethinking your built environment after COVID-19? Bring in a fresh perspective with years of experience to re-envision how to maximize your current space. With the right partner, you can capture the best of remote, hybrid, and in-office work together while minimizing your real estate footprint and maximizing employee wellbeing.

What Can Space Planning Services Do?

Maximize your current space

Capture the best of remote work, hybrid work & in-the- office work

Use your space in a cost effective way that reflects modern realities

Create a space that balances the needs of your organization & employees

At Steele Strategies, our purpose is to build organizations and spaces that elevate humanity.

We do this through space planning, assessments, design services, and facility portfolio planning. Our in-house Workplace Experience division includes change management and culture transformation, and centers each plan around the people it’s built to serve.

Our Experience


Facilities budgets dealt with


Managing facilities


Annual savings from recent project
Our diverse, interdisciplinary team of experts embraces a spirit of partnership with clients, and leverages quantitative and qualitative data to drive solution development.

The way workplaces use physical space has radically transformed since the pandemic. Now is the time to be proactive, strategic, and efficient in planning your space for the new era of the workplace.

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