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Healthy building, Healthy staff, Healthy business

Have you ever considered that your built environment has the power to retain talented staff? With the labor shortage and remote work, now is a great time to consider designing your workplace for wellness.

What Healthy Buildings Can Impact:

Staff Safety


Mental Health




The certified expert consultants at Steele Strategies can walk you through the process of obtaining WELL Building Certification. Our diverse, interdisciplinary team will host facilitated sessions with your staff to develop unique solutions for your workplaces.

Before engaging architects, designers, or contractors, we talk to you—the leaders and staff— to understand your unique needs, determine a level of certification that meets your goals, and guide you through the process from start to finish.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are of paramount importance to us, and are built into every step of our design process.

See what engaging Steele Strategies can do for the health of both your workplace and your workspace.

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