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Facilitating Your Most Important Conversations

Effective communication is the most important part of an organization. When it fails, everything can break down. When it succeeds, teams reach new heights. So let us help your organization navigate and master the conversations that matter most, with facilitated conversations.

What Facilitated Conversations Can Do:

Identify sources of inefficiency & conflict

Discover underlying pain points

Align resources with critical problems

Increase employee buy-in to change

Get help voicing important matters

Uncover why past solutions aren’t working

Steele Strategies provides independent facilitation to meetings, working groups, and anywhere conversation takes place. Get a fresh perspective for your team from a neutral party and work through challenges with input from all stakeholders.

What’s a session like? It’s an open-ended dialogue led by our trained facilitators which allows participants to discuss a specified topic and share their views. We listen, ask clarifying questions, and challenge judgments, assumptions, and generalizations while guiding participants to develop a path forward.

We share non-attributable outcomes with the rest of the organization to demonstrate transparency, strengthen trust, and ensure that participants see their ideas valued.

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