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DEIB starts at the top, with inclusive leadership

Ever seen a diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) initiative that didn’t go anywhere? Sure, it sounded important at the time, but eventually, those efforts were overtaken by other concerns. Maybe it wasn’t the training or employee buy-in that was to blame, it’s leadership.

The STEELE Approach to Inclusive Leadership

Teach leaders inclusive behaviors. Provide practice for skills to lead in inclusive ways.

Level-set expectations about what inclusive behaviors look like.

Minimal pre-work provides greater opportunities for self- reflection.

Make space for audiences to explore topics relevant to their organization.

Coach through emerging dialogues in interactive workshops.

Participants reach a common understanding & hold one another accountable.

Leaders support each other & engage in dialogue.

You invested in DEIB. Now it’s time to ensure your leadership has the training and understanding to advance the values of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging that your organization adopted.

Our Inclusive Leadership Workshop will level up your leadership’s ability to lead change in workplace culture. It will guide them to model your organization’s DEIB values and set the tone for everyone else.

Inclusive leadership demands a growth mindset. It requires a new way of being and doing to engage your workforce, and a vital set of skills that honors differences and commonalities.

Everyone talks about innovation. But the fact is, organizations can only innovate at the pace their leaders are willing to accept. Steele Strategies’ Inclusive Leadership Workshop will prepare and empower your leadership to lead in inclusive ways through coaching and conversations specific to your organization.

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