This spring, several members of the Steele Strategies team got the chance to get back in the classroom to help coach Marymount University Office Design Studio classes on their class project. Ellie Moody, Jessica Bantom, Olivia Dunn (all three Marymount alums,) and Aron Beninghove joined the students for a working session in April and sat in on final project presentations in May to provide insights from their various areas of expertise in workplace design and strategy. The dialogue touched on everything from architectural structure and code to human factors and the impact of technology on design.

So what were our top highlights from this experience? First of all, it was great to have an opportunity to collaborate with a local university program, especially one that many of us have personal ties to. Both Steele Strategies and Marymount are proud to call Arlington, Virginia home so it’s that much more meaningful for us to get involved with a neighboring institution. And while it was nice to not be in the hot seat (flashbacks to those final presentation jitters came on pretty strong!) it was also energizing to engage with future designers and share perspectives on what’s important in the workplace and the new norms in workplace design.

It was rewarding to begin building this bridge with Marymount and we look forward to further collaboration in the future!