Last week, the STEELE team gathered to address a key facet of our culture – how we want to promote inclusion as an organization. Led by Senior Change Management Consultant and STEELE Diversity & Inclusion Officer Jessica Bantom, we dedicated a half-day session to discussing how we can consciously be inclusive in everything from our everyday team interactions to our hiring and community engagement practices.

Initiating this dialogue is especially meaningful to CEO Ann Steele, whose vision for STEELE heavily emphasizes inclusion as a core value. “I’m so inspired by the exchange of personal experiences and innovative ideas that came out of this session, and everyone’s anticipation around piloting new concepts,” Steele shared. “It’s exciting to get the team engaged around such a crucial topic as we continue to grow.”

This is just the start of many activities to come. With the support of STEELE leadership, Jessica Bantom will lead up the initiative to keep the inclusion conversation going and help implement new practices, incorporating elements of her background in innovation and design thinking. Stay tuned – there will definitely be more to come!