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Workplace Strategy

Work is what we do, not where we go. As today’s workforce is rapidly evolving to be increasingly flexible and connected, companies are realizing that the workspace and technology must also evolve in order to support employee engagement and well-being, productivity and performance, enhance company culture, and increase space efficiencies to reduce costs.

As workspaces and technology evolve, there is a no “one-size-fits-all” approach; each company is unique. Your company has a unique set of business needs and priorities that require the development of customized tools, scaled approaches, plans, and steps to develop innovative and holistic workplace solutions that align the key resources of people, space and technology. At STEELE, we focus on understanding you and what makes your company unique. Through comprehensive and detail-oriented coordination with you, we develop and implement forward-thinking, individualized solutions and carry through actionable strategies that give you the edge over competitors.


Listening and connecting with employees makes a big difference in a successful workplace transformation. In business, relationship building is the heart of everything we do; that’s why we begin there. Engagement is driven not only by an employee’s involvement and enthusiasm about their work, but also about their workplace.




Thoughtful workspace design also makes a difference in the overall employee experience with huge impacts on employee satisfaction and productivity. STEELE’s innovative workspace design solutions are developed in part from the research gleaned through relationship building, but also from lessons learned and best practices harvested from our years of experience.




Workplace technology tools have a strong influence on employee performance and productivity, yet it is the least understood and leveraged aspect in workplace transformations. STEELE understands the importance of integrating space design and technology to allow for a truly tech enabled workforce that supports employees whenever, wherever, and however they want to work.


Change Management


STEELE’s comprehensive workplace strategy leverages relationship building and strategic planning while emphasizing the importance of change management throughout the project management lifecycle. When change management is integrated workplace transformation projects are 6x more likely to meet objectives and achieve the desired results.

When identifying solutions, we guide our clients through STEELE’s five-step engagement journey focusing on the alignment of change management with the key resources – people, space and technology. Through meaningful collaboration and engagement we’re able to gain a solid understanding of the foundation to every workplace – people.  At STEELE, the employee experience is the core component of our workplace strategy.


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